It's like there has never been a problem
Sometimes it's killing me. Sometimes it keeps me alive. Oh, that's just love.

In between dream and reality.


It's hard to trust somebody ever again,
if you've lost your believe in people.

Sometimes it's better to be alone,
just by yourself to get your thoughts in order.

I'll never forget the beautiful moments we had,
I'll only push you away, you fucking idiot!

If you can keep me save at night,
you can look after my heart as well.

I dreamed about you all night long,
and I wished I never woke up.

You made me laugh,
you made me smile,
you made me spin,
you made my heart skip a beat -
that's when I fell for you.

I'm not able to look you in the eye,
and keep thinking straight the same time.

You'll never know how you made me feel,
when you kissed me.

I'll never cry because of a boy.
I'll only cry because I was so stupid.

Just do me one favor,
don't mess with my heart.
It isn't able to forgive you.

I'll open up to you,
you only need magic.


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